Surgery for a Herniated Disc Treatment New Jersey

Herniated Disc Treatment New Jersey

Even though the doctor and you will explore other options, it may boil down to the need for herniated disc treatment New Jersey through surgery. It can be scary to go through any surgical procedure but this may be the only way for your pain and symptoms to stop. It may be the only way to control the pain so you can get back to enjoying your life.
There are a couple of different types of surgery used for herniated disc treatment in New Jersey. The most common is lumbar decompression surgery. It is considered to be the best way to take care of nerves that have been compressed due to the herniated disc and different treatments. The surgery isn’t very invasive and that is another reason it is encouraged.
Only the portion of the disc that is herniated is removed. This is going to be located under the root of the nerve. The additional space it now has is going to relieve the pressure. Only then can the root of the nerve start to heal.
This type of surgery is often a success and it works well for those suffering from pain in the legs due to sciatica. It can take several months though for the body to completely heal from this type of herniated disc treatment New Jersey. Most patients though will start to feel some relief in the days right after the surgery. They feel less pain and they notice the tingling in the arms, legs, and shoulders subsiding.
Another type of surgical procedure for herniated disc treatment is for the anterior cervical decompression to be done in New Jersey. The material of the affected disc or discs is removed from the front area of the neck. The area is fused to keep the space from those missing discs open. This is a more difficult and in depth type of surgery. It may be necessary if there are extensive damages to several of the discs.
There is a similar procedure called a posterior cervical laminectomy where the material from the disc is removed from the back of the neck instead of the front. It is very important to fully discuss the pros and cons of any of these surgical procedures with your doctor. You need to decide it is best for you even in spite of those possible risks. Only you can make that determination so look at the full picture and take your time. Consider using doctors that are local in New Jersey like the Spine and Joint Center.
You also need to plan for after the herniated disc treatment New Jersey has been done. You will need time to recover from the surgery. The amount of time will vary based on your overall health; the type of surgery conducted, and if there were any complications. Follow all of the directions of your doctor to help encourage healing without any issues.
You may need to take medications for several weeks after herniated disc surgery for your body to feel better. You may have limited mobility so you will need to plan for others to help you with your day to day tasks. Keep your follow up appointments and contact your doctor immediately if something doesn’t seem right with your recovery.